GL HealthCare Solutions offers all agency staff a comprehensive training course that covers the elements required for working within the various NHS Trusts, private hospitals and within framework agreements.

    • Target Group: 
    • Nursing staff, care workers, and agency workers.
    • Learning Outcomes: 
    • Mandatory training is a compulsory requirement for agency workers, NHS professionals, nursing and care staff. Mandatory training frameworks place the responsibility on nursing, medical, health and social care staff to ensure that they attend appropriate training to gain the required level of knowledge for their jobs roles and work safely.

Course content

  • Health, Safety & Welfare (Legislation, Hazards & Risks,
  • Infection Control (Policies & Procedures).
  •  NHS Conflict Resolution (Risk Assessment, Communication Skills, Recognizing aggression, Defusing Complaints Handling, Personal Safety, De-escalation, breakaway and minimizing risk for lone Working. Infection Prevention & Control (level 1&2). The meaning and importance of infection control, Legislation and Management of infection control – COSHH & RIDDOR.
  •  Resuscitation (Level 1&2 – Adult Basic Life Support (Danger Response, Airway, Breathing Circulation (UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines), Choking, summoning emergency Services
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children (Level 1 & 2) (Legislation & Guidance, Types & Recognition of Abuse, Signs & Symptoms of Abuse, Guidelines for Dealing with Abuse, DOH, ‘No Secrets’, Dealing with Disclosure).
  • Moving and Handling (Legislation, Anatomy & Physiology of Spine, Principles of Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Controversial & Safe Techniques – Including Practical Session & Assessment)
  • Food Safety (The Law, Personal Hygiene, Food Poisoning, Bacteriology, Prevention of Contamination, Premises & Pest Control, Disinfection, Hand Hygiene and Danger Zone).
  • Confidentiality and Information Governance (Information Governance – Caldecott Principles and Statuary Patient Consent, procedure, processes and controls, Legislation.
  • Fire Safety: (Fire Triangle, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Plan and Local Practice).
  • Lone Working (Personal Safety).
  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity & Human Rights.

Course duration
6 Hours


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