GL Healthcare Solutions Has Trained and reached out to its clients in different ways and has been responsible for some fantastic improvements in standards. Below are some of the Professional and good testimonials people have left.



Anne Akinboye (HCA)

“Great training course for anybody that is currently working in or hoping to work in a healthcare or Hospital environment. I would recommend it.”

Telmore Muzembe (Nurse)

“I would like to thank you for your wonderful Re validation course training. It was very nice and I think it’s a very useful tool for Nurses to do these training.”

Maria Agabane (HCA)

“This was an excellent course that was motivational and inspiring. It was good to be introduced to more advanced Hospital equipment’s used in different analysis and has given me new clinical skills to use when I start caring in hospital . Good to be a delegate for a change.”



Pamella Awudi (HCA)

“While doing Mandatory training course, the Instructor gave us a very simple video instruction to follow. It taught everything needed without taking too much time and enlightened me to a few things I’d not even realised after years of working in the health environment.”

Kenny Awe

“I’m very grateful in regards with your Clinical Skills training, it is helpful, educative and easy to understand.”

Elizabeth Mhashu

“An excellent well put together and very informative and Hands on training course.”

Beatrice Matinhure

“Thanks so much for sending the Mandatory   Training   notes. I want to admit that we did enjoy your Teaching ‘Tutor’. It was so pleasant and explanatory.”

Kofi Awudi

 “The feedbacks I received from my staff were phenomenal! They were extremely pleased and booming with confidence after the Mandatory and Complex Care training you gave them. The literature you gave them was amazing and and the current research articles in them are so educational. I have leant a lot from just reading them. 5 stars. Many Thanks! “

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